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Caribou Coffee is a Minnesota based coffee retailer. We've created everything from OOH to gift cards and even some Snapchat filters.

Clean Label

Caribou took out all the bad stuff (additives, artificial flavoring, etc.) out of their drinks. Our Clean Label campaign shows that they are transparent and have nothing to hide.


*Not all items produced

Coffeeless Coolers

Coffeeless Coolers is a blended drink. Even though they don't contain coffee, it's still bursting with delicious flavor.


Snapchat Filters

The 2018 Super Bowl was held in Minnesota, the home of Caribou Coffee. We wanted to celebrate coffee, football, and the frigid Minnesota weather with some fun Snapchat geo-filters.

Gift Cards

Just some fun caribou themed gift cards.

ECD - Brian Dunnaway / Ross Brodie

ACD - Jorge Bache / Jeff Hodgson / Nik Drellow

Sr. Art Director - Andy Quirk

Sr. Copywriter - Brian McIntyre

Copywriter - Jenny Thompson

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